Floodlight Update

Wednesday, 30 March 2016
As most of you will have seen by now major works on the new Floodlighting System have now been completed.  All 4 courts are now operational, all of the columns have received new coats of paint, the trees by the end of Court have had a good trim, the old equipment has been removed, the site has been given a good tidy up and finally cracks which appeared in the court surfaces over recent years have been repaired with all affected areas being repainted.
On behalf of the club can I say a big thank you to everyone that has contributed to this project whether the contribution was big or small or even where they just provided the volunteers with well earned cuppas!
The floodlighting  token machines are fully operational and are now a far more practical option as the new the lights do not  have a warm up or cool down period.
The focus over the last 6 weeks has been to get the new system operational as soon as possible and minimum attention has been paid to their alignment and positioning of the individual lights.  Starting from tomorrow evening the core team will commence work on 'fine tuning' the alignments.  We will start work on court 4 and once we feel we have got them set up to a good standard will work our way down the remaining courts.  
I think we have to be realistic in that it is unlikely that we we will be able to get the alignments perfect for every individual in the club but hopefully we can get it right for most members most of the time.  One of the benefits of the new system is that if there is a consensus that an individual light or group of lights is troublesome then we can go up and adjust them.
Feedback during this period of adjustments is welcome and encouraged.
Doug Pell
House and Grounds Officer

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Meet our coaches

Nick Peckis currently the Head Coach at St Neots Tennis Club in Cambridgeshire working as the Club Coach and managing their Community Tennis Programme...
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Scott Martin - Is the Clubs Performance Coach. A vital member of the coaching team with 30 years coaching experience at the top level behind him as well as a formidable playing background. Scott works with Nick on the Aces & Performance side of the programme, working with our Top Juniors to progress into the club or outside tournaments. He plays in the clubs 1st Team.
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Dennis Vincent- Dennis is the Clubs Junior Coordinator, he has been at the club for over 37 years and has been working with the juniors for 30 years giving a wealth of coaching experience. Dennis runs the coaching for the clubs junior members as well as our Adult Beginner sessions on Sunday mornings.
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